Boka experience tour

Take off from our helipad in Tivat and experience the thrill of flying between the majestic mountains of Boka Bay. This scenic tour offers you the chance to see all the major tourist attractions of the area from a unique bird’s-eye view.
Highlights: Tivat, Mamula Island, Porto Montenegro, Lady of the Rocks & St. George islands, Perast, Kotor


Adriatic Adventure

This tour visits the same sights as the Boka Experience tour but also heads further south along the dazzling Adriatic coastline past the Blue Caves, Budva and the stunning Sveti Island islet. Rise high and observe the magnificent Njegos Mausoleum at the top of Mount Lovcen.
Highlights: Tivat, Kotor, San Giovanni Fortress, Lovcen, Njegos Mausoleum, Sveti Stefan, Budva, Jaz Beach, Blue Caves, Lustica, Mamula Island, Lady of the Rocks & St. George islands, Porto Montenegro


Ostrog Monastery helicopter tour

After the tomb of Jesus Christ and the Mountain Athos, the monastery of Ostrog is the third most visited shrine in the Christian world. Belief in miraculous works of Saint Vasilije, the founder of the monastery, people of all faiths come to this truly unique edifice, placed in a natural cave whose only externally visible parts are the spacious doorway with two belfries.
Enjoy the scenic 20 minute flight from Tivat, passing over beautiful Kotor and the incredible Mount Lovcen. Your private guide will escort you to the monastery, and if wished - you can have a tasty lunch at a nearby restaurant before your return flight.


Explorer helicopter tour

The land of contrast, the best kept secret of the Adriatic is on the palm of your hand to discover! Best seen from above, Montenegro will stun you with its breathtaking natural, divergent beauty that switches seemingly at the blink of an eye. Every time you move, the scenery seems to change from crystal seas to rugged mountain tops, over the lakes and cities of the Central Montenegro, to the vineyards of Crmnica, above the canyon of Moraca back to the coast and Porto Montenegro – you will have it all!


Explorer helicopter tour

We bring you, as the name suggests – the whole country at your fingertips. See the picturesque UNESCO protected sites in the magnificent Bay of Kotor, the nationally loved Mount Lovcen with its historical and cultural importance, fly into the second largest canyon in the world and fall in love with the green water of Tara river, and fly over Montenegro’s many national parks.


Explorer helicopter tour

Fly from Tivat over the cities and mountain, to the biggest single complex vineyard in Europe. Try autochthonous sorts of Montenegrin wine paired perfectly with traditional smoked ham and cheese. Take a walk through the truly distinctive wine cellar or even take a train ride through the vineyard itself, or simply grab a bottle or two before you had back to the coast.


Explorer helicopter tour

Take a luxurious trip to Sveti Stefan, a beautiful islet that is now home to the exclusive Aman Resort. Fly along the coastline past Luštica, the Blue Caves and Budva, and choose from a variety of experiences including a treatment at the exclusive 5* Aman spa or lunch at one of the three on-site restaurants. Fly back inland via Mount Lovćen and Kotor.


Explorer helicopter tour

Montenegro or Black Mountain is comprised of 60% mountains. Discover what true Montenegro feels and looks like! Start off in the gentleness of Boka Bay and ascend into the breathtaking lushness and beauty of the North following the “tear of Europe” – river Tara along its canyon all the way to Zabljak where you can try out numerous thrilling activities such as hiking the National Park Durmitor, mountain biking around Black Lake, horseback riding, rafting or for the most adventurous - canyoning.

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